Are you looking for some effective yet amazing home extension ideas within the budget? Here is a list of ideas that you can explore and implement for your home project. Choose any of the extension design ideas as per how much value the extension can add. You should also consider how this addition can help to work with the existing structure. Let’s have a quick look.

extension design ideas

  • Reconfigure existing structures – Do you want the internal space of the home to work better? Think about the reconfiguration of the existing space. It would allow establishing the best layout in order to ensure maximum access, natural light, views, and privacy. Remove or add doorways and internal walls to get essential space to integrate a new extension in Worthing. It would also help to ensure added value and use. Take the entrance position into account. Don’t ignore the central hallway as well. Both of them should leave all the major rooms of the home. They also lead connections between key spaces like nearness of the dining space to the kitchen.
  • Add a modern kitchen – If you want to build a contemporary kitchen but don’t have the needed funds, create modular units. The units should be combined with well-designed effective worktops, end panels and other important features that would recreate a similar look to your dream kitchen. Usually, trade suppliers don’t offer large panels to create big islands. They also don’t offer floor-to-ceiling unit banks or an appliance wall without joints. You can overcome this easily on your own. Use large sheets of melamine-faced-chipboard in a complementary finish from specialist kitchen renovators. You can also install sliding metal timber doors to suit the cupboard.
  • Build a conservatory – This is one of the best home extension ideas. You might not need to get prior planning permission to build smaller conservatories. They are usually excluded from the Building Rules of the country. They are not pricey as well. Unlike other common home improvement tasks, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Conservatories might have their own set of drawbacks. Better to build them separated from the main structure of the home. You can do it with the help of external doors. This will reduce energy loss. Otherwise, it would become tough to keep the space warm during winter and cool during the summer. You can also think about building a sunroom. This is an amazing extension with wide areas of glazing. However, they come with a traditional insulated room and one insulated wall facing the boundary. You can keep the space open to the rest of the home. And thus the temperature can also be kept under control.
  • Make use of the ceiling space – Tall ceilings can be transformed into a room, a large room. The rooms are impressive as well. With an extension, you can add this without breaking the bank. You can dig down to lessen the floor level or just build it up. If the extension is beneath a pitched roof, you can create a vaulted ceiling there. Fit insulation within a pitched roof structure is a good option.

As it comes to an effective home extension, you can reconfigure existing structures, add a modern kitchen and build a conservatory. You can also make use of the ceiling space.