If you want to have a garden which needs to be practical and pleasing at the same time, then you must opt for environment-friendly landscaping. Going green with your landscape includes various considerations ranging from water conservation to pollution reduction. If you maintain the specific aspects, then it would be a great initiative towards protecting our Mother Earth. Here are the vital tips you can consider for landscaping in Worthing, and they will reap positive results for sure.

Eco-friendly Landscaping for a Beautiful and Functional Garden

Important Practises Towards Accomplishing an Eco-friendly Garden

Planning the Plants

This is a crucial step, no doubt. It is a wise option to choose native plants as they look for less time, effort, water, and money. Choosing them will give you a way to conserve the resources. This practice is referred to as Xeriscaping and plays a significant role in minimising the need for fertilisers and pesticides that are potentially harmful to the plants, and eliminates the threats from invasive species to a great extent.  At the same time, the process aids soil retention, fosters water filtration, and controls erosion. The native plants also serve as the dwelling of various native migrating species of birds, and insects. Always make sure that the soil is good so that the plants can grow up healthy. The soil should be rich in organic content. Never remove the plant and relocate it unless it is an urgency. A professional agency offering landscaping in Worthing can help you in this regard.

Water Well

Water has the most critical impact on the ecosystem. Conserving the water optimally is one of the essential aspects of a successful landscaping plan. You can opt for rain barrel installation, rainwater catchment systems for retaining water for sustenance through the dry spells. A rain barrel is an effective irrigation system used for watering the landscapes around.  Using drip irrigation instead of spray irrigation prevents wastage of water. The former releases water slowly to the soil and roots, and thus the plants remain nourished steadily.


This is another significant approach for keeping the garden in the best of health. They offer a tidy appearance to the garden by keeping the weeds away, providing insulation, fighting erosion and helping in water retention.

Materials Do Matter

It is also crucial to choose the material correctly. You can opt for grass pavers, permeable pavers, or concrete for an eco-friendly landscape. They shield against stormwater runoff. As the surface remains porous, the water sips into the ground gradually to replenish the aquifer. This eliminates soil erosion to some extent. Look for paints, stains, and cleaning products which are non-toxic to offer maximum environmental protection. You can even opt for recycled materials as well as a green gardening initiative. You can also use eco-friendly materials for hardscapes.

Get in touch with an expert agency providing landscaping in Worthing like Steele Home, and you will have the advantage of following the best practices indeed.