Enjoying an afternoon in your backyard would be so relaxing if you didn’t have to stare at your neighbour’s house. It’s not an excellent idea, though. Everyone wants a place where they can spend some quality time. Nothing could be better than having a garden with complete privacy. With a little help from a landscaping expert in Worthing, you will be able to make your garden extra private. For landscaping your garden, you can also apply these ideas.

landscaping expert in Worthing

Invest in Big Plants

Big plants make the best privacy. You will find many container shrubs, but they take a long time to grow. Try to find those big plants that grow fast. The more you invest in these plants, the more you assure your garden’s privacy.

Use Clinging Plants

Landscaping your garden vertically can be very useful. It helps immensely when you have a smaller space. Overgrown vines and clinging plants are suitable for maintaining your garden’s privacy, and they also add beauty to a garden. Make sure to have supportive bases for these vines.

Matching the Plants

When creating a private garden, you need to match all of these plants carefully. Many people make a common mistake to not mixing the right plants to create a private garden. If you have a smaller space, add more small plants. Go for large evergreen trees if you have a vast open area.

Add More Layers

If you want to make your garden more private, do not plant a single type of plant. Available plants do not grow in an orderly row. It’s better to add more grouping plants to add more layer. Before adding these plants, try to learn about layering. You can also ask a landscaping expert for help.

Do More Fencing

Adding more fencing has always been a good idea to make a garden more private. If you are unable to find the right plants for your garden’s privacy, then fencing could be the best idea. Hiring a landscaping service can make your work easier.

Add Decorative Tall Walls

Many people love to add some tall decorative walls to their garden. Well, it’s no different than fencing, but decorative walls make your garden more attractive. There will be a chance of damage to garden fencing if any storm happens, but tall fences can be a suitable replacement.


Private gardens need more maintenance. Think about how much your garden needs to get maintained. Make a schedule to do a regular check-up to your garden. If you are having a shortage of time, hire gardening or landscaping service to get your work done.

Why Do Your Garden Needs Privacy?

Making your garden private is a good idea, but sometimes your garden also needs a little privacy such as:

You will find some part in your garden that you want to hide from your neighbours or even guest.

Sometimes we want to find a little peace. Landscaping your garden with a bit of privacy can be helpful. Purchase some comfortable seating to lounge on and escape from the stressful reality.

Many climbing plants love to grow in a private area as they need more supports. So, the more you have a trellis, the more you are giving them the privacy to grow naturally.

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