Opting for a home extension is an excellent way to add space and increase the property’s economic value. However, before beginning work, you should always consult professional builders for detailed planning and advice. The good design of the extensions enables you to save money besides fulfilling your accommodation needs satisfactorily. It also acts as a positive reinforcement for the homeowner.

Designers Guide for Home Extensions 

  1. Re-figure the existing space 

Ensure that the new extension integrates appropriately with the existing space. Since it allows for personalisation, the right approach will allow you to leverage the space’s beauty. Ask the builders Shoreham by sea to apply a proper layout that does not look forcefully bolted. Focus on the natural lighting, ventilation, outside view and security. Check whether the entrance, hallway, kitchen and dining room are well balanced with the extended space while meeting the functional needs too.

  1. Never stop at one storey 

Instead of sticking to a single storey, you can consider going for an upward extension. By building an additional space upstairs, you make it useful for the family and your future needs. Usually, the roof and foundation are expensive; hence adding an internal space is a good decision. You can also choose to make a bathroom, upstairs bedroom, or even a storage place for more functionality.

  1. Orientation 

While building extensions, ask the builders to plan out the right direction, ensuring that the space is sunny and energy-efficient. If the room faces the southward direction, it will receive good sunlight. Ask the experts to inspect the position of your house and garden before proceeding with an extension building. Although the amount of light penetrating in the house will vary the entire year, you must ensure that the room is not dark and damp.

Opt for conservatories or sunrooms to lower energy loss. Sunrooms have extensive glazing on the walls, along with an insulated wall and conventional roof. This way, you benefit from added space while also keeping the temperature under control.

  1. Attain privacy 

While it is a good idea to allow natural lighting, ensure that you also get a strong sense of privacy in your home. While you should enjoy the outside view, opt for obscured glazing through which people outside cannot see what is happening inside. Some builders install coloured and stained glasses with sandblasted glazing as a promising idea.

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